Too often companies associate IT security threats as coming from the internet (virus, ransomware etc), so put in place (rightly so), strong firewalls and password policies to protect against this. In truth, the biggest threat comes from within, especially when staff have not been trained in basic IT security or worse still, when there is a ‘bad leaver’.

How Grafx can help?

The government launched Cyber Essentials (CE) in June 2014 to help small businesses adopt good practices surrounding IT security. To help our clients, Grafx built CE into its support and security agreement, allowing many of our clients to gain Cyber Essentials certification with minimum stress or work on their behalf.


Companies can have a mix of Windows PCs, Apple Macs, tablets and smart phones and often use different companies for support and updates. With cloud services now prevalent within organisations and data security being at the forefront of our minds, it has never been more important for these devices to be administered, supported and managed correctly.

How Grafx can help?

Having one port of call for your IT needs helps your business to run smoothly. We have been supporting Windows PCs and Apple Macs for many years and in recent times we have streamlined our services by introducing remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools. This allows us to administer, manage, run security updates and support clients, whatever the platform.


Keeping track of both computer hardware and software, as well as what cloud services staff have access to can prove difficult. With services such as bank links, accounts software, CRM systems, client data and other services paid for by the company available to staff, it is important there are processes in place when someone leaves.

Often the responsibility sits with the office, finance or HR managers and consists of a spreadsheet which is rarely up-to-date, making it near impossible to follow process when someone joins or leaves employment.

How Grafx can help?

Using a cloud-based admin portal we are able to share asset information with our clients. We then link job roles, members of staff and assets to ensure both Grafx and the client follow policy and process when someone joins or leaves a company. Billing for cloud services, software and other IT services are viewed via the admin portal, along with aged asset reports and insurance valuation. A little easier than a spreadsheet!


Knowing the right computer specification, understanding which firewall is best for the business, or perhaps reviewing CRM, HR or accountancy software – it can all be confusing. Understanding when to rent, finance or purchase can also prove difficult with price comparisons often hard to find.

How Grafx can help?

We have fine-tuned our portfolio of products to specifically fit the SME market. We have taken into account quality, manufacturers, warranty, features, functionality, upgrade paths and of course price when creating our product portfolio. By focusing on these specific products we are able to provide a higher level of service overall.

Depending on our client requirements we are able to rent, lease or invoice for new purchases.

Internet Connectivity

Our reliance on the internet is increasing and connection should be able to cater for the transfer of data, voice (VoIP), web browsing and cloud-based services. Losing access can prove expensive, frustrating and embarrassing. Therefore, choosing the right internet connection for your business is key.

BT and Virgin broadband lines offer exceptional value, however the service levels may not be enough for businesses who rely 100% on the internet.

Talk to Grafx about back-up lines or business grade services.


VoIP telephony brings many advantages to a business including low-cost calls and impressive features. A quality internet connection can often be afforded as part of a move to VoIP telephony.

As a guide to cost, a company with one advertised number, 10 direct dials and a support package would pay circa £70 per month (call charges not included).

Grafx offer guidance, planning and setup as required.

Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 has become the foundation for many companies to build on, with email, shared diaries, staff collaboration, Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint forming the heart of the business. Working equally well on PCs, Macs, tablets and smart phones, Office 365 brings the stability, consistency and security SMEs are looking for.

Grafx are available to migrate clients to Office 365 and provide ongoing support, administration and billing. Renewals are monthly, with clients able to view associated active accounts and related costs via the Grafx admin portal which is managed by our client services team.

Contingency and Disaster Recovery planning

Every business, no matter what size, should have some form of continuity and disaster recovery plan.

We help our clients bring often out-of-date CP/DR plans up-to-date and then integrate them into the support services we offer.

Having an off-site data back-up is critical to any DR plan, so Grafx offer this as part of our support service. Using our own hardware in a Cheltenham-based data centre we remotely backup and manage client key data each day.

Networking and local file servers

When a company starts to move IT services into the cloud, it generally leaves behind a local server which stores company data or provides services to the local network and users. In addition, the networking and communications within an office remain as important as ever.

Grafx complete an annual review of all systems (local and cloud) and offer direction and budgets as required.