#3 Multi Device Support

We offer support for both Mac and PC, synchronising devices across all platforms.

  • Desktop Systems – In today's business world we have a mix of Windows based hardware and Apple Macs. Users are computer literate and often dictate what tools they want to use and how they want to use them. The role for IT support has changed and it is important that IT is proactively managed and planned by those with an understanding of all aspects and the wider technology scene.
  • Smartphones and Tablets - These devices allow the user to manage company emails, read, edit, share and store data... but does the company have any control over this? Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools allow Grafx to manage mobile devices remotely where required. By managing these devices Grafx can ensure security is in place by forcing passwords, locking down apps or performing remote wipes when needed.
  • Remote offices, homeworkers and freelancers - A company should not be restricted in its development because of fear of the IT implications. Our integrated approach assumes a business will want to try and grow and work remotely with others, irrespective of the hardware or software they use. No longer is there a need for complex VPNs. With the right planning at the start and implementing the right tools when necessary, growing and supporting business IT is something that should happen seamlessly and without pain.

How Grafx can help...

Scenario 1

Many people don’t realise that PC’s, Macs and mobile devices can work happily together. Frustration starts when in-house IT departments or PC support companies get in the way of developments due to their own lack of understanding or maybe just the fear of change. Managing and implementing change is not the same as support. Grafx have a staged approach starting with a review and finishing with user training to ensure all staff are on board!

Scenario 2

Administering, monitoring, supporting and keeping track of multiple devices can be seen as something too complex or possibly too expensive for a third party supplier to manage. The truth is our managed services solution is built around this information. Our software provides real time reporting that also allows our technical staff to be more effective and resolve problems more quickly. Third party proactivity is only possible with well administered IT.