#1 IT Managed Services

We act as your IT Department, offering complete, unbiased advice and support.

  • Proactive Partnership – Without control or direction, business IT will prove costly over time. Getting to know the history of a business, its current position and future plans is key to how our services work. We first identify and fix any immediate potential danger areas, giving us time to work with you on the bigger picture, getting you to where you need to be.
  • Creative approach - Grafx is not tied to one supplier or product so we are able to look at what is right for your business and staff. We first ensure the foundations are in place before looking to see how we can offer tools to empower users without compromise to the business, keeping everyone happy.
  • Budgeting - Not all companies are in a position to make wholesale IT changes, so planning is key and a controlled, staged approach often proves better for all. The move towards hosted services and software rental rather than purchase can give an excellent base for business IT to develop and be supported at a predictable cost. Our services are also based on a cost-per-user per month basis allowing for simple budgeting of your IT.
  • Support - Remote system monitoring and support provides the backbone of our integrated services. Potential problems are diagnosed and specific areas identified when issues do arise, leading to speedier solutions with minimal interruption to the user. Although much of the day to day work is completed remotely, we still look to visit clients once a quarter to discuss performance, changes and future plans.

How Grafx can help...

Scenario 1

Too often we find companies relying on a member of staff who enjoys home computing to provide support for others, fix problems when they arise and also make business critical IT decisions on the companies behalf. A reactive approach such as this leads to problems being ‘patched up’ rather than investigating the root source of the issue. This leads to problems reoccuring, impacting on workflow and putting the company at risk of data loss. Grafx Managed IT Services allow an organisation to administer what they have, build a foundation for the future and provide professional IT support to users.

Scenario 2

Keeping track of computer assets, software versions and user details can be a problem for any company. The finance director, departmental managers, IT managers and users alike all need access to information relating to IT: age of computers for depreciation, specification and replacement value for insurance, log in details, access privileges and passwords… it is easy to lose administrative control.  Managed IT Services ensure there is one point of contact for all IT related administration and questions.