#2 Data Management

We provide a range of secure data backup solutions, locally stored for quick recovery.

  • Local Centralised Storage - Your company's biggest asset is your data. Cloud-based storage solutions have changed the way we store and share data - however once staff introduce their own cloud storage accounts into the business environment the organisation has lost control of its data. As part of our Integrated Services we provide a solution that allows an organisation to keep its data local, while at the same time providing the functionality and benefits of personal 'cloud' storage.
  • Syncronisation - Remote offices, staff or mobile workers will enjoy working on files while automatically synchronising with the main file server (internet connection required).
  • Data backup and recovery - Every company should have some form of continuity plan to protect their data against fire, theft or catastrophic hardware failure. Our service includes enterprise-level off-site data backup, securely encrypted and locally stored allowing complete recovery within hours not days. Automated versioning control allows the user to recover any version of a saved file going back 30 days.

How Grafx can help...

Scenario 1

For a company to be able to back up its data it first needs to know where the data is. Once data is moved from the serverĀ  (e.g. staff duplicating files to their laptop, memory stick or personal Dropbox so they can work on them at home) then a company not only has duplicated data, but more importantly no formal backup. Our solution allows the company to deploy a system that allows staff to enjoy the benefits offered by Cloud computing along with version control and auditing.

Scenario 2

Many companies will have a Firewall and other security to protect its digital assets, however when staff are working on their own home computer, smartphone etc, these devices are outside of the office and not controlled by the company. Lack of password, virus checking and other security lapses could greatly compromise the data security. Grafx data management facilitates remote workers without compromising the company.